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Like most people, I have had some crap to deal with in my life. And like many, I have held onto a lot of crap, that I should have let go.

In 2011, I embarked on a 100 day challenge to de-clutter my home. I decided that every day, for 100 days, I would clear something from my space and write a blog post about it, to advise of the things that I got rid of that day - things that I no longer needed.

I had been "collecting" all of my life, and it was hard for me to get rid of things, because I thought that I "might need them one day". I wanted to change this conditioned attitude of lack and make myself accountable to you, the reader, to take action and post daily for 100 days.

I was participating in an energetic healing program prior to commencing the 100 day Clear the CRAP Challenge, and I felt totally cleansed and clear within. I knew that the next thing I needed to do was to cleanse my immediate environment. I recognised that the items I clung to held energies of the past and restricted my development of an attitude of abundance and my ability to move forward in life. Cleansing my surroundings was an important step as I progressed on a journey to discover my truth.

The Clear the CRAP Challenge totally changed my life. There were so many discoveries made, one of the biggest being the realisation that I was not as clear within as I thought. As I cleared out the external Crap from my surroundings, an amazing thing happened... it brought forth the Crap that I was holding in my inner realm and enabled me to analyse that and clear it out as well.

I transformed my outer and inner worlds and discovered my truth. For the first time in my life, I finally felt OK with myself. I found my peace and happiness.

I stumbled upon a process to bring about real internal healing and growth. My next challenge is to work on a way that I can share this with others. Many have been inspired by reading my posts. When my writing resonates with someone they move that extra step toward finding themselves and their own inner truth. I am now working on developing products and programs which will expediate this process for others.

I thank you all for providing support and encouragement during my 100 day Clear the CRAP Challenge and invite you to join me as I take Clear the CRAP to the next level.

With love

08 January 2012 

* JOZnet  -   Jo's Network: The collection of Jo Behlau's entrepreneurial endeavours.
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