Following is a list of the discoveries I have made while going through this challenge. It is basically a list of the observations made after each day's blog. The observations are a summary of the self-analysis or truth discovered that day. I plan to review these ideas at the completion of the challenge into a format that can be used as a learning/teaching tool.

Day 1:
  • When designing the image for this blog a scribbled out ladybug came about. The ladybug represents my Mum and the scribble signifies a breaking away. A breakage from the expectations that I developed for myself throughout my life to date and a breakage from the attitude of lack, both of which stem from childhood conditioning.
  • I understand that I work best when I have a deadline to meet and I am accountable to others. I recognise and accept that my motivation to take action is low when there’s just me. Public notification of my challenge makes me accountable to any readers.
  • The header and background for this blog is a busy mess. This is representative of the current state of clutter in my surrounds. This site will evolve and become clearer as I clear the CRAP.
Day 2:
  • I must count my blessings every day. I have so much more than I realise and I should never want for more. I often lose sight of this and have to find a way to remind myself of it - daily. I will use this clearing exercise as a wonderful example that I have all that I need and will draw upon it when I need that reminder
Day 3:
  • I recognise the source of my attitude toward holding on to material possessions. I acknowledge it and let it go.
  • I am a healer. I am able to use the universal light to bring clarity to my being.
Day 4:
  • I can look back on a situation that happened in the past and observe it for what it is. It’s a fact. It happened. I can eliminate judgement and forgive.
Day 5:
  • Snakes should not be protected!
  • Day 6:

  • When I feel good on the inside, I like the way I look on the outside
Day 7:
  • This challenge is a journey and the structure and format of how I document progress may change.
Day 8:
  • There are some things from the past that are good to keep because they remind us of happy times.
Day 9:

Day 10:

Oh.... looks like this need a bit of updating
 doesn't it....
Yeah, well - I'll get to it, but in the mean time:

Day 11:

Day 12:

Day 13:

Day 14:

Day 15:

Day 16:

Day 17:

Day 18:

Day 19:

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