HOORAY!!! One year old TODAY!!!

One year ago today Clear the CRAP was born.

I decided it was time to declutter my home and set myself a
100 Day Challenge to clear out my Crap.
Little did I know that I had embarked on a
life-altering journey of self discovery.

The Challenge was partially captured in 62 Blog Posts and Supported by a
Facebook Page which currently has over 3000 fans.

Clear the CRAP developed a life of it's own and evolved into a process for healing,
provider of education & support and a pathway to happiness.

It has taken me on a most extraordinary adventure,
led me to discover my purpose in life
and enabled me to find joy in every thing that I do.

It's hard to believe that a whole year has passed so quickly,
yet I feel the achievements and personal progress I made
is equivalent to a lifetime of discoveries.

I have reviewed my past
and released it's hold on me.

I have come to terms with my future
and no longer fear or worry about it.

I have discovered how to be in the NOW
and realise it is the only place to be free.


As I moved through the 100 Day Clear the CRAP Challenge, and progressively reviewed the things that I was holding on to, a pattern began to emerge. I began to naturally flow into a process of reorganising the physical Crap that was cluttering my space and simultaneously reviewing my emotional attachment to those items and the personal history involved with it. Releasing the physical Crap coordinated with releasing the emotional and mental Crap.

I developed the "Daily Clear the CRAP Worksheet" which formalised this method that I organically discovered, so that I may invite others to do the same.

40 years of learning and developing into the complicated social, emotional and physical being that I am, has been undone by the Clear the CRAP Process.

It has given me the ability to view my life, the lives of others, and LIFE as a universal concept in a completely new way.

I am a different person. I look at things in a different way now. Clear the CRAP has transformed me into a better person and allowed me to realise my dreams.

Yet it is an ongoing evolution.

I have concluded that Clear the CRAP
is a continual tool for transformation.

The cupboard that I tidied up 6 months ago needs tidying again. There are parts of my surroundings that have not yet been decluttered at all. (That deep, dark shelf above the fridge, where all the bits are thrown to hide them away, keeps calling to me, "Clear the Crap away from me... Please... Clear me out now..... Heeeellllppp ")

And just when I think I have cleared out a painful memory from the past, that led me to behave a certain way now, and I feel that I have grown and moved on from it.... Life experience will present a new challenge before me, that may mean I have to go back and review that memory again.

I may never be totally free from the Crap, but the Clear the CRAP Process provides me with the tools and a sensibility to understand, grow and move on from my Crap.

I eagerly anticipate taking Clear the CRAP to the next level, where I can formally share the gifts I have received from it with others.

I look forward to developing a Clear the CRAP Training Program, where participants will be guided and supported through taking their own 100 Day Clear the CRAP Challenge.

I will be developing an "Off the Wall", Words for Inspiration Product, designed to enthuse.

And then there's always the dream of a Clear the CRAP Book, to fill in the spaces that the periodic blog posts did not capture.

I thank you Clear the CRAP for giving me...

A way to discover who I really am

Profound emotional healing

Connection with community, and

A pathway to discovering the joy of life

HAPPY 1st Birthday


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