Day 72 - Let your inner child out to dance and solve your dilemmas

I was thrown a curve ball last week!!

Just when I was starting to feel really good about consolidating the vision for the new direction I want to take my life via a new entreprenerial concept, I received a proposal from a previous business partner to collaborate again.

It stopped me in my tracks.
Threw me into a whirlwind of confusion.

Enough water had passed under the bridge for me to consider the idea of reigniting a business that I had put to rest about a year ago. I still had the infrastrcture to support it and would only need to find the human resources to manage it. But it became a question of whether I wanted to invest the time, energy and lifestyle change to start it all again. Not to mention reassociating with a person who I knew was unethical and had burnt me before due to her poor communication and business strategies.
I was attracted to the offer only because of the financial gain. However I am not really motivated by money. Yes, I desire an abundance of wealth, and it is required to support the achievement of my personal mission, but getting involved in this business activity again would not be in alignment with my highest value. I was toying with the idea of taking it on short term just to build up some capital.

For more than three days my head was in a spin considering all possibilities.
I was irritated, annoyed, confused, unsure, angry and scared about what my future holds.
Was it the negative vibration of the business, the product or the supplier that was effecting me?

Then, at my Nia class, we were instructed to allow our inner child out to dance. I hesitated initially, but it soon turned into such an amazingly joyous experience.

I love how I just honestly dance like no-one's watching at Nia.

As my inner child spun in circles and pranced around the room, and tears of wonder streamed down my face in a yoga hall full of people, the answer to my dilemma came.

How could I not follow my heart.

"Inner Child Dancing" by Jo Behlau 2011  45cm x 45cm acrylic on canvas

The business proposal was presented to me as a test. A test of my core values.

I will no longer submit to the restrictions and expectations of others. I will allow my spirit to soar. I will live my life in freedom, pursue my passion and while I don't know what the future holds, I will trust in my dream.

And on that day, I was inspired to paint.... so I did!

Crap Cleared: Notion that I will not be able to provide financial stability by trusting my heart.


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