Day 74 - Don't Declutter . . . Downsize and create Harmony.

Anyone watching would have thought I was just wandering...

        from room to room,
                in and out
                       and back again.
                                Over and over
                                        with no purpose

It would have appeared as though I was in a trance.

And it felt a little like that. Even though I had the intention of reorganising and tidying up this space, I could not create a vision of the end result, and so I could not take any action.

This is the current dishevelled state of my warehouse:

As I have been downsizing this physical part of my business, and concentrating on digital aspects, I would like to reorganise the warehouse and create space to fit the van inside. But there's just not enough room!!

How do I reposition all these things, shelves, stock, tables, equipment and other crap I may never use again, but keep holding onto, just in case it might come in handy one day???

DOWNSIZE . . . there's the word for today.

"Downsizing" is so much more professional than "Decluttering"
If you declutter, it implies that you are messy and disorganised. You have too much crap and you don't know what to do with it. You can't think straight and don't know where you are going.

But if you are "downsizing", you have power and intention; structure and capability. You know what you want and have the means to get there. You act with purpose to achieve a goal.

The word I embraced yesterday was HARMONY.

We hear so much about the need to create "balance" in our lives, to structure our activities. Not too much of this, more of that. To me, that seems so cold and somehow authoritarian or stiff.

Instead of "balance", I prefer to create "harmony". When I am in harmony, I flow with the natural rhythm of my life. All aspects of my being are perfectly blended and in tune with one another.

After allowing a little time,
a bit of dreaming
and relaxing a tad,
I have now formed an image of how I want the warehouse to look.

Even if it's just creating a little more order at this stage and the van doesn't quite fit in yet,
I'm happy with the picture I've created in my mind.

Now I'm off to make it a reality.

Crap Cleared: 
Excess from the Warehouse.

Don't Declutter... Downsize!!
Forget Balance... Create Harmony.
Without a clear vision, any action is futile.


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