Day 81 - Going with the flow of life


I sat on the veranda in the late afternoon,

and... well, nothing really...

I just sat.

With paper and pen in hand but no real agenda, the sounds and sights of the early spring near-dusk fully occupied me.

"Afternoon Musings" by Jo Behlau   21cm x 30cm Ink & Pencil on Paper

The tradition I grew up with of:

"Study hard to get a good job";
"Money doesn't grow in trees"; and
"You have to work hard in this life",

does not sit well with my current lifestyle, but I will sit with it a little longer...

~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

Today I discovered that for the last three months there has been an undetected water leak on my property. I have been losing, and am yet to pay for, about one litre per minute, in addition to our normal water usage. As I sat on the veranda and considered the action plan for resolving this costly, time consuming, inconveniencing problem, I caught myself being quite calm in a situation that could be made rather stressful.

Was I actually starting to lose resistance
and just Go with the Flow of Life?

So, with ease, I filled some buckets with water, turned off the water-main and will deal with it first thing Monday morning.

And with ease I will welcome each event presented to me in life as a new learning experience and an opportunity to observe my reactions to situations and go with the flow of life.

Crap Cleared
A bit of broken old pipe and pointless stress.

Obstacles will inevitably appear before us - Our reactions to them determine the quality of our life.



  1. Enjoyed your blog today. Especially the crap cleared "Pointless stress". Thank you for inspiring me.

  2. Thank you Stichbear.

    Obviously "Clear the CRAP" is not just about getting rid of the physical clutter we may have that is restricting progress in our lives.

    It's also about sorting through and understanding the mental and emotional clutter we hold within ourselves.

    Taking the time to examine that Crap is such a valuable gift to give yourself.

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