Day 80 - This is me !

This is the physical and cognitive me

The real me is hiding deep inside this lump of cells and thoughts

I have only recently become acquainted with the real me - my inner being - my true essence. I found her hiding behind a wall that my physical form created.

On this wall is a picture I had painted of what I thought was me.

Clearing the Crap has created cracks in the wall and I can see what's on the other side and I'm starting to like what I see.

This means that I am finally beginning to be OK with myself, to face my deepest fear and realise that I do not need to please anyone else. I do not need to paint an image of what I think people might like to see on the outside of the wall.

My real me is beautiful and if I can just smash down that wall, it does not matter what other people think when they see what's there.

I have asked my inner being to help me to switch off my mind - that crazy processor of thoughts and conditioned beliefs that deals with all the crap of everyday life, so that she may shine her true beauty on the ruins of the wall.


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