Day 62 - 68 Clearing Crap & Living in the Moment

What a fabulous week.

It began with the children returning to school after the end of semester and Easter break, I productively continued on my crap-clearing challenge (albeit becoming a little too focused on the exciting business venture I will be taking on after the 100-days are over) and ended with the transformational awareness of catching myself living in the moment.

My sister phoned and while we chatted I cleaned the house, just like I do when Mum calls. We talked about so many things, it was a great catch-up. She told me of her husbands new hobby: coin collecting. I think it is so wonderfully exciting when you discover something new and throw yourself into it wholeheartedly, as he is doing.

While we spoke I sorted through my box of collections. I too am interested in unusual and foreign coins - not that I have ever actively pursued this collecting activity. I gathered together all the coins that I had duplicates of and will joyfully post them to my brother-in-law...


I had the whole of the holidays to find time to sew the broken straps on my sons school bag, but in typical fashion I frantically dragged out the sewing machine at 8am on the first day back at school. But what a great prompt to clear the crap out of the sewing cupboard. Here's the before pic:

I made time that day to mend the items that had been thrown in the cupboard awaiting my attention:

- a pair of my sons shorts that he wanted the badges removed from
- my daughters summer dress that somehow got ripped on the bottom frill
- my pyjama top sleeve that was gaping open along the seam
- an oven mit that had a broken hanging loop
- my gorgeous cream open weave knitted top that had some threads pulled

And my proudest achievement:

- my daughters school skort that had ruined elastic. I managed to unpick the seams, replace the old elastic with new and sew it up, and you wouldn't even know it!  For teaching me how to sew...


It's shocking to think that I still had these sand bags piled up at the side of the garage since the devastating flood hit Brisbane over three months ago. Those sand bags have been obscuring the path to the house and providing a constant reminder of all my outstanding jobs.

Sand awesomely relocated to the top of the retaining wall to counteract soil erosion on the other side of the side fence ...



I sorted through a storage cupboard and decided that we no longer need these back packs...


I wonder if any one else lets the living area of their home look like this:

We could not comfortably walk around the house without dodging the washing baskets, clothes drying racks and ironing board.
Oh well, at least I'm not airing my dirty laundry...


I had been putting off clearing the crap out of the linen closet because I was scared. I had been scared to part with useful, good quality items that I thought I might need one day. But after two months of slowly chipping away at the underlying fears that make me hold onto the past, I opened the linen closet and faced my fear. I imagined the pleasurable sensation I would feel if I opened that cupboard to no longer be faced with a jumbled crowded mess, but with ordered piles of a moderate amount of manchester.

I haven't finished it yet, but...  


Using the term "crap" has been challenging at times and this was discussed on my Clear the CRAP Facebook page. I still have not formulated and written my own definition of Crap to publish on my "what is Crap" blog-tab. Perhaps this is because a definition may limit the flexibility with which the word can be used.

In spite of all that,
 today I got down
and got dirty
and dealt with the real thing!!
Three wheel barrow's full of the stuff from the chook yard.
The crap I cleared today was...


There were many times in my week when I caught myself being... outside of myself.

In any random moment; cleaning out the chook yard, driving along the road, rushing to get ready, chatting with friends at a birthday party, watching my son play his first tennis tournament, brushing my teeth; I would catch myself in the moment.

I would find myself experiencing the joy of that single moment in time and wonder at the utter beauty of the situation.

This is experiencing the power of now and I am now experiencing these moments more frequently.

What absolute joy. Like I said to my sister on the phone at the beginning of the week, I have finally found my happiness. It's like I have been searching all my life to be happy and I have found it. Right now, right here, I am experiencing true bliss. And it is so good that I am compelled to help others find their bliss also.


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