Day 5 - Wildlife!

Crap cleared: 6 foot python

So I was sitting here, half way through writing my daily blog, when I heard a kafuffle outside.
Ha, what a funny word that is... kafuffle... KAFUFFLE - the perfect word to describe the carry-on I heard.

It was after 8.30pm - gate closed, chooks looked up, cats fed and inside, kids in bed, time for me time - what could it be? Was it the chooks? They should be fine - locked in their house. Maybe cats fighting somewhere? I grabbed the torch and went to check that the chookies were ok.


I stood outside the chookhouse shining the torch on their roost and there was a GIGANTIC snake with a feather in its mouth. A quick chook count....they're all there. Now, what to do...

My Dad always used to say when I was growing up on the farm, "The only good snake's a dead snake."

And now as I clear the crap I'm gonna find one of these in the garage, in a box in the spare room....aaaah, there's probably one in the my wardrobe....aaaaaahhhh!!!!!!!

Day 5 observations
  • Snakes should not be protected!


  1. I really wish you hadn't killed it.

  2. Snakes do good work keeping the rodent population down. Snakes should be protected.

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog OrganisedPauper.

    What's to say I didn't get him in the box and relocated him...

    All snakes are protected in Australia.

    But I protect my chickens from snakes.


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