Day 2 - We are all that we need

Crap cleared: Some old letters

There’s a section of the hall cupboard where I store old letters - there are many storage sections to that cupboard.... for old shoes, old 4 ring binders and conference satchels, stationary, wrapping paper and ribbon, the present box, broken toys waiting to be glued, decks of cards, handbags... Quite a treasure trove if you care to look at it that way. Right now, I look at it and just see a heap of CRAP! Stuff I don’t really need and it just creates clutter.

Before going through the old letters received, I couldn’t actually remember the last time I put one in that hiding place, with the intention that one day, when I’m old, I’ll get them out again and reminisce on my life. I wonder how many people actually do this in their retiring years. Or are these shoeboxes full of old memories just going to lie untouched, taking up space, focus and energy, until descendants throw them out once we have passed!

So I looked at the beautiful greeting cards from family and friends - a note from Yo thanking me for the handmade activity rug I created when Annika was born, a reindeer on shiny paper sending Xmas wishes from Monika and Lloyd, a gorgeous traditionally German card from Brigitte with stickers and pictures cut out and stuck on it, a happy 30th Birthday card signed by TTQ colleagues.
I looked at some shakily written letters from Omi and in every letter she would write that she hoped that I could understand her German words and some hastily scribbled notes from Mum written as she raced to the post office to send me something. My intention in keeping them was only to marvel at the wonderful way she spelt Australian words exactly as she pronounced them. They will be hard to throw away.
I looked at letters/photos from Kate that she would copy and send annually to update all on her life, a typed thank you from Domi and Zander, a 4 inch floppy that I no longer have a drive for, even tickets from shows I had attended, and other pieces of paper advising of what was going on at a particular time in the past.

Is it really necessary that I keep all this? I pondered this overnight and even asked on facebook to get some feedback. This lead me to reconnect with an old friend and what she shared was absolutely perfect.

Today I cried for New Zealand as I watch the tragedy of the Christchurch earthquake unfold, and reflected on the last two months here in Australia of flood, fire and cyclones. I have felt for those directly effected so very deeply. The devastation caused by mother nature has struck a cord deep within me and contributed to my recent depressive state. I can feel my new-found bliss wavering and will make time to remove this heaviness I feel sitting in manipura.
If the whole contents of the hall cupboard was to be destroyed by some force of nature, would I be seriously effected? Hardly. It can all be cleared.... but for today, we begin with the letters.

Day 2 observations:
  • I must count my blessings every day. I have so much more than I realise and I should never want for more. I often lose sight of this and have to find a way to remind myself of it - daily. I will use this clearing exercise as a wonderful example that I have all that I need and will draw upon it when I need that reminder.

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