Day 7 - I'm tired today

Crap cleared: Laundry cupboard crap
It has been one week since I started this challenge and I realise that it’s going to be a lot more taxing than initially imagined. Actually, I didn’t really imagine anything at the time - I just got an idea and went with it. I am so excited by this venture and keen to develop some quality material by documenting the issues faced when clearing my crap, but it does take time. And time got away from me today.

I received some great support and information from my second coaching session with Jacleen Allen today and I feel really good about a positive conversation I had with my sister. I planned to share some insights as a result of these interactions, but time and energy eludes me this evening.

I feel a little disappointed with myself as a result, but know that I shouldn’t be. 100 days is a long time and I’m bound to waver in my enthusiasm, but it’s surprising that my dedication slackened off today when it’s only Day 7. It’s not that I’m not up for the challenge, as I still made time to do some cleaning up and de-cluttering today.... I’m just tired and lack the energy required to examine and write about the issues and learnings identified from my clearing today.

Today I tidied up the chest of drawers in the laundry and threw out a pile of crap.

Day 7 observations:
  • This challenge is a journey and the structure and format of how I document progress may change.


  1. Hi Jo,
    It might be worth looking at HOW time got away from you today. If you were doing things that made you feel good (like chatting with your sister) then you can be happy that you spent your time doing something worthwhile. Please don't beat yourself up for what you DIDN'T do, praise yourself for what you DID do. Much love, Jacleen x

  2. I have this 100 day, life-changing challenge before me and I am totally captivated by it and the future possibilies it will bring. I am pouring time and energy into it that would otherwise be directed to my regular activites, so this is simply a time-management/prioritisation issue that I need to address.
    I have just spent the last two hours researching content marketing, while I neglect the domenstic duties that scream at me to be completed.
    But I am following my passion and I am extremely happy with this.
    Yesterday, I DID make positive steps forward on the CRAP inspired journey of self-discovery - I just didn't document them!!!
    Thanks Jacleen for your continued support. xx


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