Day 8 - What's inside the Mystery Box?

Crap cleared: nothing!!

I found a mystery box way up high on a shelf in the spare room wardrobe. I could not remember what was in there and after examining the contents, I could not clear anything - This was not crap.

I had wandered throughout the house, looking onto rooms, peeping into cupboards, opening drawers and wardrobes, looking for some crap to be cleared today. Everything I looked at could have benefited from some clearing out, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Today I couldn't face dealing with the underlying beliefs and emotions that made me hold onto those things.

So I attempted an easy one - clearing chemicals and equipment from under the sink and in the laundry. This would serve a dual purpose. Not only would it easily allow me to tick off another successful day in my 100 day challenge, but it would help support Baskets of Hope, who are now seeking cleaning products to send to the Fernvale community as they continue their clean up after the January Flood. But I had recently tidied up that gear, so there wasn’t anything to clear there.

I got excited when I spotted an orange cardboard box in the spare room wardrobe, because I had absolutely no recollection of what it contained. Surely there would be some CRAP in there to throw away.

Among other things, this box contained high school year-books, childhood diaries and notes from school days, videos of uni stage performances, a plaster hand print from when I was 5 years old, junior beauty pageant medals and sashes, and my 1982 gymnastics competition sweater.

This crap is priceless.
This is good memorabilia.
 There is nothing but happy memories in this box.
There was no emotional baggage to sort through
when I examined these items.
I had to keep them.

So after showing the kids and having my daughter’s hand fit perfectly into the imprint of my hand when I was her age, I packed up the orange box and put it back in the cupboard. There was noting but good vibes in there.

Earlier in the day I had a conversation with a friend about getting rid of some household goods that held the negative energy of an unhappy time in her life. When we fill our space with items from the past we can get stuck in stagnant energy. The things we keep in our space reflect the state of our inner world. I have taken on this challenge to expel old energy and create space for wonderful new things to enter my world - things that resonate with a higher frequency. Today I read a fantastic article by Helen M. Downs and absolutely loved her "George Clooney Method". I now have George as my screensaver.

Inside my mystery box was the jewellery box I had as a child. When I opened it, I was pleasantly surprised by the old familiar smell of the beautiful red felt that lined the inside, wafting up and gently touching my heart as if to say, "remember me, remember those good old days". They were joyful, carefree happy days growing up on the farm. They were high frequency vibrations days and those vibes were coming out of the jewellery box, magnified many times by the multitude of mirrors behind the dancing ballerina. I cherish those times and my upbringing so dearly and tears began to well. Happy tears from remembering positive, wholesome experiences, but a hint of sadness as I see how life got harder as I got older, but the sadness no longer overwhelms me and takes over, as it used to.

Day 8 observations:

  • There are some things from the past that are good to keep because they remind us of happy times.


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