Day 36 - 42 Thirty One Emotions: A week in review

 Seven days of ups and downs. I’ve let a bit of time go by without physically throwing out any crap, but it has been one AMAZING week and this is what I felt:
When I started the week with mega-enthusiasm. I achieved a lot in the day. I was on track and looking forward to a productive week ahead. Monday: My day to get things done.
When I finally took myself off to the physio to get some treatment for my right forearm which has been paining me for over 8 weeks.
When I watched my daughter open her early birthday presents that were delivered my mail.
When removing the extreme packaging that encases children’s toys nowadays. It can take over half an hour to extract a Puppy-in-a-Pocket Hospital from the cardboard, plastic and tape that surrounds it.
When my son’s father arrived late to watch his tennis practice. He had chosen not to see his kids very often and now only has supervised visitation, so when I invite him to an event to be with his children, you would think he could arrive on time to make the most of it!
When my daughter’s father did not want to go for a walk with her to the toilet block and back or go out to play bounce and catch the tennis ball. Rather, he just sat in his car for the whole duration of the tennis lesson.
When I did not conduct a strong enough protection technique to stop my ex-husband from draining all my energy and rendering me sad, confused and out of sorts for the next 48 hours after our interaction.
When I finally caught up with an old friend for dinner. We had a great time and connected on a different level than ever before when discussing our latest activities involving emotional healing and transforming consciousness.
When I conquered more HTML code and managed to put a contact form on my website. Woo hooo!!

When enabling a magical journey in the Bush Fairy Garden for 10 little fairies at the Lyell Deer Farm. It was my daughter’s 5th Birthday Party.

When finding out about the Campfire Healing & Meditation Circles, Drumming and Drum-Making Sessions held in the  Kupidabin Wilderness.
When attempting to find the best way to market my business and myself by researching on the web. The plethora of information keeps me reading and learning until the wee hours of the morning.
When my head hit the pillow and I turned off the light at 2am in the morning on way too many nights this week.
When subscribing to Ashley Ambirdge’s 97 in ’11 project. She is from The Middle Finger Project and was the prompt for the format of this post.
When my children attended a Keep Safe Program organised by their school which taught all about their private body parts, keeping safe and the importance of telling people your news. My daughter continues to share details of what she remembers - it’s great.
When I had a slight sleep in one morning and Mr 7yo completed every task on his job list and helped Ms 5yo to have her breakfast and get dressed before I emerged from my bedroom. What amazing kids! He got tuck shop that day.
When remembering a recent meditation. I had a vision of standing in my special spot and I saw myself as pure light. It was a pivotal moment in my awakening and it provided an understanding of unconditional love.
When I attempted to create my first video, standing in this special spot, the place where I feel most connected with the universal energy, and all I got was a photo before the battery ran out. This spot is just an area of my back yard where I conduct a lot of my centering and energetic healing techniques.
Totally frickin blown away
When I uploaded the photo and it showed me bathed in light. Yes, I am no expert photographer and the sun was simply shining into the camera lens, but this photo holds such significance for me. It’s like a divine confirmation that I am on the right path.
When the weather turned cool and I was back in jeans, topped off with a cool scarf and a funky jacket thrown over.

When I heard one of the soccer dads refer to my son as "the enforcer". His game has improved so much. This week her really showed guts, getting in there and going for the ball.
When my daughter was awarded "Gymnast of the Month". Her confidence and skill has improved so much over the last few weeks. What a treasure! Poor thing is really tired right now as she nears the end of her first term of full time school.
When I finally finished the construction of an ag-pipe drainage system in my back yard. This was needed in response to the huge rains received this summer that caused the devastating Brisbane flood in January.

When I caught up with my best friend for a morning coffee.
When I volunteered to be the school banking coordinator.
When I found out that 100% of people who responded with "No" to my Question: "Are you offended by the word CRAP?". I love the multitude of uses of this generic term and realised that if it was to be offensive to any one, then that is a person who I would not be able to reach out to and help any way. I am practical and down-to-earth. I’ve had it with presenting false positive images to the world. While I am designing a life devoted to inner direction and spiritual growth, I am also realistic. I deal with crap. And I can help others who have crap to deal with. If you don’t like that, then you’re either not yet ready to be open to the universal truth, or I am not the right person to guide you in that direction.
When I was selected for an interview to become a collaborator on The Difference™ film project. This extraordinary film will touch your heart and soul, whilst generating growth within your mind as to the endless possibilities for your life. The Difference™, due for release in 2012, will be filmed in Australia, internationally and in conjunction with a global team of 6,000 Collaborators.
Crap Cleared: Not a lot - but I had a damn exciting and happy week
Day 36 observations:
  • My kids are my world
  • Connections.................

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