Day 43 - Sometimes grown-ups need reward charts as well

It’s time to start working on clearing the crap
from inside my body.

I’m talkin’ toxins!!

It's making me feel sluggish
and causing pimples!

Now, I’m not ready for a full-on detox. I’m going to have to slowly ween myself off the late night chip munching, preservative filled goodies and daily chocolate fixes. But I’m prepared to make a start toward a quest for healthier eating habits.

And I’ll start with drinking more water.

I’ve made this resolution before. "I really need to drink more water" We’ve all said it. But have you really meant it and followed through?

So, in an attempt to keep track of how I’m going, and to keep myself on track, I wrote up a chart and stuck it on the wall. Simply 7 days with 5 columns. I want to drink 5 glasses of water every day for the next week. When ever I drink a glass, I give myself a tick.

Yep... the same way I get the kids to do what they need to do. It’s going well so far - only just after 10am and I have three ticks.

Crap Cleared: Toxins from my body... Well, I’ve made a start anyway.

Day 37 observations:
  • Sometimes it’s just the little helpful tips and strategies that can be so beneficial to get us where we need to go.

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