Day 51 - My virtual spending spree - Playing The Prosperity Game

I am giving myself the gift of prosperity. I've started spending money every day in a virtual universe, and I'm effecting the energetic frequencies that I radiate outward in the real world. This will shift my attitudes of scarcity, judgement and fear, to a new perspective where I recognise the universe as abundant, we are all inter-connected and where I have the power to shift my current reality.

I'm playing The Prosperity Game with a group of like-minded people on Facebook. Inspired by Abraham-Hicks in their book Ask and It Is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires, each member of this group is given an amount of virtual money to spend every day.

It is designed to be a fun and empowering way to activate your ability to create prosperity from the inside out. And the group energy will amplify the power of the process. In order to receive the full benefits of playing the game, you need to become open to the possibility that there is more to our experience of money than meets the eye.

To enhance my experience in this game and clear out old attitudes towards money and it's acquisition, after posting to my buddies playing the game on facebook, I will also edit this post to add details of what I spend my money on each day. Scroll down to witness my amazing Spending Spree.... Yipeee!!!! (It's best to go right to the bottom of the post to start at the first day, and scroll up the page as the day's go by)

I'm excited by where this will lead...

Crap Cleared: I am shifting my perceptions on receiving and spending money.

Observations: I am willing to let go of everything that I thought I knew about money in order to be open to a new way of experiencing it.


21 June / Day 71: $71,000
$7,100 to the 10% Fund and the balance on wages for someone to market and administer my new Art Boutique..... now that has taken a load off and freed my time so I can just get busy creating some masterpieces. :)

20 June / Day 70: $70,000
I am blessed to have my uncle staying with me tonight - along with my dad, who has been here on holidays for 4 weeks now! My uncle Ali is my closest relative, outside of my immediate family and today I would like to share my abundance with him and tell him how much I love him and value his support and friendship. Here's a big fat $70,000 for you Ali. ♥

19 June / Day 69: $69,000
Day 69 and $69,000. Habit makes me add to the 10% fund and THEN... I'm gonna get bucket loads of quality paint and HUGE canvases and EXPENSIVE brushes and I will spend days just splashing colour around in a most wonderfully creative and fulfilling way.

18 June / Day 68: $68,000
Greetings everyone and happy financial prosperity to you all !!!!!
Day 68 and after stashing away 10%!!!!, I will meet up with Kellie Stewart- Keen to return her great big hug, and then join her at her Childhood Dis-ease Charity event.
Today's gloriously gifted $$$ will fund my attendance of her event and the balance will be donated.

17 June / Day 32 - 67: $67,000  +  $1,715,000
Day 67. I stopped posting when I was saving up a deposit for an investment property (Remember, that complex with a house and 5 units on the one block). I wanted $300,000 for my 10% deposit. Well, while I've been busy doing other things, I've still been asking for the money and it has been depositing daily into my bank account. With the $1,715,000 that I am so grateful to receive, I now own 2/3 of my investment.

It was a mistake for me to stop spending my money every day. As soon as I started "saving" my money and thinking about future financial security by investing, I lost the sense of fun that I had with this game. I guess that attitude of wanting to secure the future goes against the idea that there will always be money provided and available when you want it.

I know that I need to work on my financial attitude. I would like to increase my vibration and develop a mentality for allowing it to happen. I need to listen to more Abraham tapes!!

I want to get to the point where I am totallly comfortable with the large sum that I am expecting to receive every day for the rest of my life.
So, I'm here and having another go.....

$67,000 to spend today: $6,700 in the 10% fund (now I even question the validity of that philosophy - 10% of what you earn is yours to keep. If the universe is going to provide financially every day, then I don't need to put this 10% away???).
And the balance is on a complete brand new wardrobe....Yes, I can easily spend $60,300 to totallly outfit myself.
I spent yesterday cleaning out my wardrobe, decluttering, washing, tidying and the state of my apparel situation is quite sad reallly.
How glorious to have a whole wardrobe, from knickers & socks to winter jackets, corporate and swim wear, all high quality and brand new.
Can I have the money now please?

26 May: an update...
Hello Oh Wealthy Ones!!!

Please forgive me, for I have not posted in The Prosperity Game for 14 days. As I have been here since the page stared on April 12, today is day 45 for me.

I stopped posting because I know I needed 10 days to save the deposit on my first investment property (a 5 unit and 1 house complex), and then lost the momentum to post here every day. But I will now give it another go to recommence my financial mojo.

Before spending the wonderful amount of cash that I have gratefully accumulated over the last two weeks, I would like to share my spending summary with you.
In my first 31 days of this game (total $495,000), I have distributed nearly half a mil in the following manner:

Donations: $96,800
Holidays: $38,400
Home Maintenance: $155,000
Personal Spending: $2,840
Professional Development: $8,100
Wages: $16,860
Business: $30,000
Community: $30,000
Investment - Property Portfolio: $84,900
Children's Education Fund: $12,700
10% Fund: $18,400

It was a great exercise to go through and categorise my expenditure. Now I have a little book where I can keep track of things, Particularly as I grow my community projects and investment strategy.

Love and financial prosperity to you all.
♥ $ ♥

12 May / Day 31: $31,000
Today it was so damn cold! I went out and spent $2,000 on thermal under garmets and wooly jumpers & pants. Remembered the 10% Fund and the balance for my investment property deposit. Pleeeaase be warmer tomorrow.

10 & 11 May / Day 29 & 30: $59,000
Yesterday and today: $29,000 & $30,000.... It's going under the matress... for 10 days. I know what I want and I know that it will only take me ONLY 10 days 'til I will be in a position to make it happen. This is soooo AWESOME!!!!
Here's a pic of the 5 brand new units and right next door, is the original home that was on this land. It's a 3 bedroom, one level, cavity brick 3 bedroom house that has been fully renovated. It's in the suburb next to my house and we will be moving into it in 10 days - if all goes well with my contract negotiations. I just have to escape from here for a little while. All these renovations in my home are driving me crazy. Workmen everywhere (that's not such a bad thing sometimes, lol). But when they start on the retaining walls - all the things that I've spent money on lately, I just have to get outa here for a while. Hopefully only 6 weeks or so, and then I'll move home and lease the house along with the 5 units.

06 - 09 May / Day 25 - 28: $106,000
I have not posted for 4 days (days 25 - 28) so I will happily spend $106,000.

$$$ Firstly, $10,600 goes to The 10% Fund.

$$$ Then I will commence work on two new projects:
1. My Inspiration & Action Centre. I will be redeveloping the front 1/3 of my property, which is approx 550m2, to enhance my lifestyle and provide a venue to further my entrepreuneurial endeavours.
In a nutshell, this will involve converting the current garage and loft into a guest house, building a new garage, and construction of a new building to house offices/reception, a training room/art/dance studio and consultation rooms, along with the associated landscaping and driveway work.
Today I allocate an initial $30,000 for Architect and other planning fees.
2. The Single Mothers Resource Centre. I was inspired at the single mothers breakfast held by Kylie Stretton on Mothers Day and developed the concept for this initiative which will be an amazingly supportive one-stop-shop for single mothers to provide a hold host of services.
Today I allocate an initial $30,000 to this Centre.

$$$ In this abundantly creative world that is The Prosperity Game, I have met my ideal partner, so $2,400 will go to a romantic weekend get-away with Mr X. Yeah Baby... bring on the lloouuurve♥♥♥

$$$ With the remaining $33,000 I will copy the wonderful sentiment of Michael Buttgereit and donate Jumping Castles to the child care centres that have so expertly cared for my children in the past.

Aahhh, that felt good. ♥

05 May / Day 24: $24,000
Today I graciously receive $24,000. First and foremost $2,400 goes to My 10% Fund. I've decided to join Jacleen Allen and other friends and go to Date with Destiny in August: $5,500 + $2,600 for accommodation and luxury meals and entertainment while there for 6 days. I realise that I will need child care during this event, and some other amazing ventures that my plentiful and growing wealth is bringing my way, so I've decided to hire a permanent nanny/housekeeper. Today I'll allocate the remaining $13,500 as 20% of the annual wages. My financial abundance is allowing me to participate in events and social interaction that I could not do prior.

04 May / Day 23: $23,000
Since my world started changing when the universe began providing me with this awesome financial abundance, I have neglected one of my fundamental financial control rules: 10% of what you earn is yours to keep - adopted after reading The Richest Man In Babylon many years ago. I loved the simplicity of this book and the writing style: fabulously colourful. As the cover page says: "The most inspiring book on wealth ever written".

So today I opened a new bank account, purely to hold 10% of my earnings and I deposited $2,300.
$8,000 was allocated to all the extra trimmings in my kitchen renovation, as advised yesterday. This leaves 12,700 gloriously divine dollars which formed the deposit in another new bank account, that is to be used as an education fund for the children. I'm looking forward to watching the balances grow.

03 May / Day 22: $22,000
On my way to the sports store this afternoon to buy my son some new soccer boots, I popped into The Kitchen Connection, which was right next door. I just wanted to get an idea of how much it would cost to replace my tired old late 70's kitchen with whizz bang shiny new cupboards, benchtops and appliances. And you know what, with my $22,000 today I will be able to do it with my own specifications. I will borrow $8,000 from my earnings tomorrow (that I know will be there because I AM A MEGGA MONEY MAGNET and can be confident that the money I need will be there for what I want, when I want it) because I'd like to get a couple of extra features, including tiles and paint two walls and all the doors, which will have to be changed to match, of course.
I love how lighter coloured cupboards will lift the room and make my cooking and eating space brighter.

02 May / Day 21: $21,000
I just sat back, stretched and looked up at the ceiling, elbows up with fingers clasped behind my head (you know the pose!) and thought about the $21,000 I am so fortunate to be able to spend today.
I actually feel a little void of thought, or wants. Could it be that there isn't anything that I really need right now.
As I come to terms with my ever increasing financial freedom I realise a level of responsibility that comes with it. I'm still working on securing my own financial stability, and when totally comfortable with that, I will work on building the way in which I will give back, to spread my good fortune.
That will come, but for today, I will gift some cash to my immediate family.
$3K each to Mum, Dad, Rosie, Peter, Debbie, Chris & $3K for the 4 girls to share.
27 April - 01 May / Day 16 - 20: $90,000

I have been saving up to replace the retaining walls on my property, which are rotting away and ruined by termites in areas. It's a big job as I have approx 50m on the Eastern slope and approx 60m on the Western side. I am astounded and utterly grateful to know that in only 5 days (Apr27 - May01 : $16K - $20K) I have more than enough cash to make it happen.
It will cost $55K for materials, labour & equipment to replace the old sleepers with interlocking bricks. I'll spend $5K to re-turf the lawn that will get churned up in the process, and just do the whole lawn while at it. And a further $10K on landscaping, re-planting and accessories. $10K will replace the Eastern fence.
I am left with $10K, from my 5 days of saving, which I will donate to the children's school for landscaping and maintenance work.
I feel so blessed that I am able to do this. I am making all the broken and old things surrounding me all shiny and new. It's so wonderful.

25 & 26 April / Day 14 & 15: $29,000
Well I've still been in holiday mode for the last two days, before the children return to school tomorrow from the Easter break, and I haven't needed to spend a cent. So today I will donate $29,000 ($14K for yesterday and $15K today) to Diabetes Australia to help with their research.

24 April / Day 13: $13,000
Today I will spend $13,000 on setting up an appointment for Jacleen’s daughter with a modelling agency in NYC. She’ll get a tour of one of the top agencies, an interview and a photo shoot to set up a photographic model portfolio. Oh, the wonderful opportunities that are more open to you when you can splash a bit of cash.

23 April / Day 12: $12,000
I’m on holidays at the moment and being reminded of just how easily the cash can disappear if you truly want to experience everything the destination has to offer. I’m setting aside today’s $12,000 for that New York trip. Honestly, I really think we’re gonna need it.  
Today my home gets a make-over:

22 April / Day 11: $11,000
Following on from to my last post, I require $11,000 for my New York Trip with Jacleen. That should just about cover it. But I’m sure if something unexpected pops up (Like that very last pair of shoes and gorgeous NYC outfit that I can no longer fit in the suitcase for the return trip home) then I’ll have the cash at the time to pay for an extra suitcase and excess baggage charges.

21 April / Day 10: $10,000
Today I am booking my trip to New York with my friend Jacleen and her daughter. I will put a $10,000 deposit down..... I will need more spending money - that will come. I'll also be paying for my parents to come to Qld from Tas to have a holiday and care for my kids while I'm away. Gotta love this life.

20 April / Day 9: $9000Today (in real life) I threw out an old computer that reminded me of my exhusband every time I looked at it. It felt so good to remove it from that room. It was like a confirmation that I have moved on from what held me back in the past. So then (virtually) I got rid of the lounge suite, for the same reason, and bought a brand new, modular design, cream leather lounge that has a lovely big chaise and ottoman that cost $5000. I then spent a further $3000 on the outdoor furniture that I have been wanting to get for a long time to spruce up the back verandah and make it a much more comfortable place to relax. I topped it off with some amazing outdoor decor pieces worth $1000 - some great big ceramic tubs and exotic looking plants, wall art and a seagrass woven rug. It feels so nice sitting out here, where I give thanks for all the abundance in my life.

19 April / Day 8: $8000
The living space in my double brick home has a huge cathedral ceiling. It is extremely hard to heat in the winter and cool in the summer. The $3500 split system air conditioning unit installed about 7 years ago never does a satisfactory job. I will spend $8000 today to upgrade to a more efficient system.
It feels so satisfying to finally be completing jobs I've been thinking about for a long while. I have an abundance of wealth and life just keeps on getting better. :)

18 April / Day 7: $7000
Clean roof 600; clean gutters 350; clean house exterior 400; roof gutters & exterior of garage 500; seal eaves of garage 1250; gurney driveway & paths 450; clean skylights 150; 5 x glass sliding doors and 9 x windows 400; dust/clean all interior walls, floors & carpet 1000; new front door & side panel - maple with 5 glass panes 950; security screen for front and back doors 800; new letter box & installation 150.
Lovely - $7000 worth and all I did was make a few phone calls. Now I just have to make sure I'm not around to be bothered by all the people coming here to work on sprucing up the place. Must remember to book a little getaway tomorrow.
Ah, what a life. This is great! :)

17 April / Day 6: $6000
Today I'm getting the tree-loper to visit my back yard. He can remove the dangerous gumtree that overhangs the washing line and trampoline and the trees/branches from neighbouring properties that are potential hazards. $6,000 will do it - yes, they are BIG trees.

16 April / Day 5: $5000
Today I will spend $5000 to renovate my main bathroom and toilet. Out with the retro 70's red fittings and in with some elegant modern style. Out with the shoddy stinky plumbing and in with professionals to handle every detail. Out with penny-pinching and in with prosperity.

15 April / Day 4: $4000
11 days of school holidays to go and $4000 to spend today. I'll pay $480/day for a nanny with spending money to keep my children happily and wholesomely engaged for 7 days, and have $640 extra spending money for our 4 day holiday on the Gold Coast.

14 April / Day 3: $3000
Today I planned another visit to beautiful Gaia on Byron Bay's hinterland. I was there nearly two years ago for one of the most relaxing retreats ever. I bought a three day accommodation package for $1,995 and will fit in 4 visits to the Day Spa for a Deluxe Detox $360, Indian Marma Head Massage $60, Acupuncture session $195 and Four Hands Massage $180. I'll spend my remaining $210 on a yoga outfit and crystals or books from the gift store.
Aaahhh... feeling better already. ♥

13 April / Day 2: $2000
With my $2000 today I will pay the accountant that I am going to see tomorrow. It's satisfying to know that I can easily afford his fee and will no longer hesitate to contact and pay a professional to do work that I attempt to do myself. I am happy knowing that I can focus my efforts on what I enjoy doing and can leave all the other jobs to those that are best at them.
With the remaining money I will buy some lovely new skin care products. I will take pleasure in using these to make my (previously badly neglected) skin blemish free and look radiant. :)

12 April / Day 1: $1000
Hello Everyone... Nice to be here. I will give $400 as a present to Jacleen Allen for inviting me to this group; $400 as a present to Anne Aleckson for starting this group (which I'm looking forward to being involved with and having fun with) and $200 on a present for me... um... I've been going without a coffee plunger for a while - I'll get a whiz bang new coffee machine. :)


The concept of The Prosperity Game
 was introduced by Abraham-Hicks in their book,
 Ask and it is Given:
Buy it here:



  1. Jo, what a beautiful blog and so excited to see the Prosperity Game spreading further to be shared with your readers. You are doing so well. Love, Anne

  2. Thank you Anne.
    I now feel that this has become my to-do list and one day I will take great joy in ticking off each and every one of them as I complete them in the real world.


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