Day 55 - Goodbye Ex - And take all that Crap with you!

Further to yesterday's post where I described my transformation into a web-junkie,
today I took great pleasure in throwing out this:

It was in the spare room and used occasionally by the children for playing games. I was reminded of my exhusband every time I looked at it. The accessories may still come in handy, but I recognise that there is a great deal of his energy associated with it and that's why that big black box has to go.

It felt so good to remove it from the room.
It was like a confirmation that I have moved on
from what has held me back in the past.

The lounge suite is next on my list. I've been wanting to replace it for a while and now I am convinced that it has to go.

Any item that was a mutual purchase in a relationship, holds the energy of both people. When the people separate, there is no benefit to keeping all the crap from the union. Whether you recognise it or not, the power of the other person resides within the objects they once owned. In order to be truly free from the person's influence, you need to remove their old items from your realm, even if they were mutually owned.

As I become more in tune with our energetic world,
I can sense the energy objects hold.
 I am particularly aware of the old energies
that inhabit things of the past.

When I finally get to clear the crap out of my wardrobe, the task will be much easier now, than when I could not see the spiritual force contained within all things. The clothes I've been holding on to, because they are of good quality, or because they were expensive, or because I like the look of it and may still wear it some day, all hold the vigor of times gone by. If I have moved on from those times, I can easily move on from those clothes. And need to do so, in order to welcome in new times.



  1. I did get rid of a lot of our stuff ~ but others stayed. People said you need to get a new bed. You can't sleep in that same bed. I love my bed and don't associate with my ex at all now. House is how I like it. Have got new linen tho ~ lots of gorgeous linen for me. I also did a cleansing ceremony with the smudge stick, banging saucepan lids & burning incense to get rid of any evil ex negativities still lurking. Neighbours prolly thought I was crazy but I am at peace in my home. Still working on clearing the crap tho. I agree tho, if it reminds you of the ex, it's gotta go

  2. I also cleansed the Master Bedroom before eventually moving back in there - it took a while. It got a clean out, paint, lavender spray to rid old vibes, new decor and linen.
    You really need to do it. I have subsequently got new furniture, bed and matress, but that was really needed.
    That old one was quite squeeky.... God forbid I should ever get lucky again!!!!!
    All the best to you Jacqui


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