Day 45 - 50 - Procrastination is king: a crappy update

I would love to sit here and tell you about the great progress I'm making with one of my BIGGEST CRAP Clearing jobs set so far on this 100 Day Challenge to Clear the CRAP.

I would love to tell you that I have cleared that HUGE job described on Day 44.

I would be so gratified if I did not spend the last 5 days finding every single job under the sun to do OTHER than THE most important task at hand.

I would love it if there were no Easter Bonnets to make, School Cross Country races to attend, Taxi Services to provide to Gymnastics, Tennis, & Soccer, School Banking Implementation tasks to complete, Housework and Yard Duty to Attend to.

I would love it if I was not addicted to Facebook... well not really... I love being addicted to Facebook.

BUT these things have taken over.

I now have only two days left before my appointment with the Accountant.

Now I HAVE TO get it finished.


My life
will soon


  1. Love this, from a fellow FB addict xoxoxo

  2. I've done it Jacleen.
    There's just a couple of loose ends to sort out and follow up jobs to do, but it's 90% over.
    Feels so good.

    I had a phone interview with TCI yesterday and mentioned my posts on procrastination. Frustrating how she seemed to hold on to this as a major focus and did not realise that I was on top of it and working through my procrastination/perfectionism dilema.

    What ever would we do without our FB. ❤❤


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