Day 56 - 60 - Gotta love how your mind goes blank when on holidays

Happy Easter Everybody

The children and I are currently having a fabulous time on the Gold Coast.

Along with all the rest of the crap we packed to take with us (you would think I would have learnt to travel lightly by now - nope!!!) is one big bag full of work stuff.

My great plan to continue blogging each day simply floated away... like me in the lagoon pool.

My vision to keep up to date via mobile phone just got burnt...
like my skin on the beach.

And my dream to sort through a pile of notes and start working on a business plan, was blown away...
like me after downing all those pina coladas.

All I can say is thank God for Kids Clubs.
Crap Cleared: Any thoughts of my regular routine which just drifted off on that wonderful Surfers onshore afternoon breeze.

Observations: Why don’t we do more of this?


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