Day 54 - From techno-phobe to web-junkie: a transformation

I huddled on the lounge room floor, weeping uncontrollably for hours, because I could not understand the DVD Recorder instruction booklet. I was a blibbering mess because the IT Dude that was supposed to be there to deal with all things technological in the house had left. My husband should have been there to fix this thing. I didn't know how to do it by myself. I didn't want to learn how to do it. Why me? Why did he have to leave me?

WOW - Am I glad I've left that person behind.

Dealing with any technological equipment used to be a trigger that caused me to breakdown.

Time heals

Therapy helps

Self-awareness is the key

The progress that I have made lately, when dealing with computer and technical related crap, is testament to my healing and improved state of mind. I no longer allow myself to become overwhelmed when something technological needs fixing or if I am introducing something new.

I had even been putting off getting a new phone, because of the hassle of having to work out how to transfer information and contacts from the old to the new. But I did it. And it was a breeze.

Yesterday I opened the box of a brand new lap top that I bought four months ago, and began it's installation. And the funny thing is, I now live on the net. I created a website for my last employer. I have two internet stores. I am blogging daily and starting to monetise with affiliate programs. I'm learning to manage SEO and digital media. And I will soon be writing and publishing ebooks. Gotta love change and moving forward.

Overcoming fear

Loving life

Crap Cleared: Old mobile phones

Observations: For someone who considered herself to be a pretty strong, independent woman, there were times, dealing with separation, when I hit rock bottom. With only a very small support group, a belief that I could handle it on my own, and some difficult identity crap to deal with because of my ex-husbands secret addiction, my recovery was long and hard. Like many who work through life changing trauma, I have now emerged stronger than before.

Does the short scenario at the beginning of this post sound familiar? If there are every-day things causing extreme emotional reactions for you, please know that there are ways to work it through. It will not be like that forever and you can reach the other side of the hole that appears to be never-ending, if you are willing to reach out and ask for help.
You are always welcome to contact me.


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