Day 44 - I did it! I finally did it!

I am too embarrassed to tell you exactly how behind I am in sorting out my financial affairs. Let’s just say that I have quite a number of BAS statements to complete.

I have been putting off this very important job for way too long now. I knew I’d get to it during this Clear the Crap Challenge. And today’s the day - I made an appointment with the accountant. Woo Hooooo. I never imagined that I would be dancing around the house after a simple call to the ‘tax man’.

I haven’t done any of the required paperwork yet, but already I feel 100% better about it. When this is done, it will definitely be time to PARTY!!!

But for now...... I go into hibernation mode. I REALLY have to buckle down over the next few days to get this crappy paperwork sorted.

Taxation Crap to sort out... with the help of GG the Cat

Crap Cleared: Taxation paperwork. Well, I’ve made a start - this will take me a while to complete!

Day 44 observations:
  • I’m ready to tackle the big crap-clearing job that I’ve been avoiding.


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