Day 14 - Don’t tease me - I don’t handle it well.

Crap cleared: rubbish from the car


I am sorting through so much at the moment that I can’t believe it was only two days ago that I suggested general housework and tidying up does not constitute "crap-clearing". Today, I had a "clearing-the-crap" moment when I was just doing an ordinary every-day cleaning job around the house.

I am still working on the criteria for this 100 day challenge and it may evolve as time moves along and I evolve with this process. Even once identified and documented, any procedure or "crap-clearing" strategy would be subject to change and needs to be flexible in order to meet individual needs.

As I progress with this challenge
I see a great opportunity to assist others,
but it will take time
to effectively describe
and document the process.

To Clear the CRAP means to do so much more than simply de-cluttering your space. All of the de-cluttering websites I’ve visited so far just provide simple tips on how to get more organised and tidy up. They do not get to the source of the emotional issues, beliefs and behaviours that lead a person to become unorganised and messy in the first place. Clearing the Crap is a methodology to bring about life altering transformation within a person.

So stay tuned.
As this challenge unfolds
And the parameters are defined
BIG things are gonna happen.

So, as I was clearing the crap out of my car this afternoon, I kept thinking about a comment a friend made on Facebook earlier in the day.

I can’t handle being teased. Why, because I was teased a lot as a child. It was not right. It was not fair. There was nothing wrong with me back then, so why did they tease me. Why were they mean to me? Why didn’t every body like me? Don’t they know or care how much they hurt me. I just wanted to be accepted for the way that I was.

I had a mini melt down as I thought about this and my memory of school-yard bullying. Then I remembered the Sedona Method that Jacleen Allen used in our first life coaching session two weeks ago. I hadn’t heard of it prior, so I investigated it and wrote down the four questions that are posed when using this method. It was pretty powerful. I was able to allow and welcome the emotions I feel when thinking about being teased, bullied or made fun of. Then I was able to let it go. Following the steps to the Sedona Method quickly dealt with the painful emotion and make it disappear.

Ha ha... not my car! But it could have
got to this if I didn't clear some crap out of it today!
Maybe it was a jeering comment. Maybe it was written as a joke. It was not fun for me. People who have fun mocking others will say that I am too serious and that I need to lighten up. I don’t understand this. Do they want me to be happy when being made fun of? I don’t make fun of others, and I don’t accept others making fun of me. Particularly now as and adult. It hurts me when people tease. Why would someone want to deliberately hurt someone?

I will no longer react like this when someone says or does something nasty to me. I am able to see that when a person expresses unfavourable words or actions towards another, they are really exposing their own insecurities. The trait they are criticising in another, is a trait that they struggle with themselves.
Day 14 observations:
  • Regardless of your intention when writing, some people will always interpret things in their own way.

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