Day 33 - Overcoming perfectionism and procrastination - Doing it my way.

It is so easy to let yourself get overwhelmed by the multitude of tasks that lay before you. Sometimes you have so much that you need and want to do yet nothing gets done. Go figure? If you’re like me you can easily distract yourself and keep really busy with other things and don’t actually get to do anything on your to-do list! We call that procrastination, don’t we? Yep... I’m really good at that.

My identification with outcomes and fear of failure stops me from tackling many important jobs. The ability to break down a big job into small steps, disassociate from the end result and just focus on the event in the moment, is my way to break down this fear.

I had a terrific chat with Kristin Rohan the Sassy SEO this morning and we explored many issues relating to my future business direction. Kristin was easily able to see where I was coming from and shared her ideas on developing a long term vision, marketing strategies and products and services. She has a wonderful philosophy, is great to deal with and her websites are jam-packed with helpful information.

I sat for a while, thinking about the outcomes of our interaction
and what I have to do.
I have so much ahead of me....



... so then I went out and found more blooms in my garden!

Crap Cleared: Internal need to do things the right way... I can do them my way!

Day 33 observations:
  • Perfectionism is detrimental. Getting it 100% right is not as important as getting it done.
  • Just take one step after the next and know that you’re on the right path.


  1. Love this post Jo. It took me awhile however at some point last year I discovered my quote. You know everyone seems to have their own quote.... "Pefectionism is Procrastination in disguise", 'Julia Dickenson' :-) For many years I viewed my Perfectionism as something to be applauded, look at me, aren't I good I do things so perfectly. This is a real strength right? WRONG! I realised that perfectionism is in actual fact a weakeness in my character and therefore, like yourself began taking steps to let that compulsion go. You go girl!

  2. Fantastic observation Julia - love the quote.

    This is such a great insight into our behaviour, which I could draw upon when helping others.

    To enable those who procrastinate to address their current issues, perhaps we need to examine what part of their history and associated emotional trauma developed their need to make things "perfect".

    Today I am grateful for the imperfect.


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