Day 10 - Improving self-discipline and time management

Crap cleared: unhealthy routine
Today I followed the same routine as yesterday - I explored an issue within myself that required addressing, sorted through some crap, and came up with a conclusion. The conclusions that I’ve been arriving at each day of this challenge are realisations about myself, acceptance of self and action plans to enable me to live a happier life.

Again today I hand wrote my thoughts and detailed descriptions of my actions and behaviour relating to the topic. (Hand written because at times I sneak away from the children to find a quiet spot and hide  so I can get a chance to think and write) What I write is personal information and one of my objectives of this challenge is to expose myself; to be brutally honest. I want to break down the image that I present to the world and discover the real me. Not typing direct to the blog post meant that when I finally sat down at my computer, I'd had time to let the findings of the day sink in. Then I became scared to share them; I put up my guard.

Thursday night is my TV night. I don’t watch a lot throughout the week, but tonight I watched 3 of my favourite shows and recorded a 4th on another channel. I saw an add for an interview with Kylie Minogue, that will be screened on Sunday night, in which she started crying when answering a question, and then walked out of the interview room. I don’t know what it was about, but it led me to think about celebrities and the amount of information about themselves that they make public. I don’t really follow the celebrity scene, but know that some stars are skilled at keeping their private lives private and only sharing certain information with the media. Then I thought about my 100 day challenge and wondered what the hell I was doing!

On the day the thought of Clearing the CRAP entered my mind, I registered the domain name, started the blog, and away I went. I have not developed any criteria for myself and now wonder whether I need to set some. No - just go with your feelings, screams my inner voice!

So for today I’ve decided, as I did yesterday, not to type up and share the gory details of my life, the inner beliefs and emotions that were scrawled by hand on paper. Rather, I bring you a brief summary and my daily conclusion.

Lately I have developed some bad habits with regard to time management. I have identified the causes and realise that my life will move forward in a more productive way if I make a concerted effort to change and manage my time more effectively. I acknowledge that I have poor motivation if I am accountable only to myself. When I make a commitment to others, then I am guaranteed to take action. I therefore make a promise to you that I will develop and follow a better daily routine.

Day 10 observations:

  • I need to formally consider the goal of the 100 day Clear the CRAP Challenge and document any required criteria, guidelines or procedures to ensure privacy, integrity and effectiveness are not compromised.
  • I will create balance by documenting and following a new daily and weekly schedule.

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