Day 22-28 - Take a break, plan the future & live in the moment


Crap cleared: Not much... I was taking a break!!

So I took a break for a couple of days... Did anyone miss me?
My intention was to clear my mind of clearing the crap and while I did not publish for 7 days, I did not get the issue of CRAP out of my head.

I was constantly thinking about the clear the crap process and where I’m going to take it. I really believe that this represents a complete turnaround in my future direction, but how is it going to happen?

I spent so much time on line researching blogging sites - how to blog,
how to monetise your blog, SEO, reading this, reading that.
So much information. So many wonderful opportunities.
Internet Marketing. Finding content. What to sell.
I have so many ideas on what I could do.
But where to start?
What to do

It wasn’t much of a break really. I wish I could come back to blogging with a clear mind and a plan for the future. Alas. Again, my logical, egoic mind wants to take over and look for the outcome that I need to strive for. My standard modus operandi of having a defined target and then working towards it, is not going to work in this case. I have to let go of that notion. It is so hard for me to give myself permission to just go with the flow and see what happens.

My quest to investigate the potential of turning Clear the CRAP into a formalised process, so I can help others to achieve the amazing benefits that I am getting from it, led me to research the role of professional organisers. There are de-clutter experts out there who help people to clear the crap out of their homes, offices, garages etc. Maybe I could become one of them?

I reviewed a number of businesses that help people to get organised. There are great resources available to help you:
  • Create To-Do-Lists
  • Organise shelves, stationary and drawers
  • Cull filing systems and archive
  • Clean your laundry
  • Develop a routine
  • Set some goals
  • ...and the list goes on
In my study of professional organisers and trainers of professional organisers, (albeit a tad ad hoc and perhaps not so thorough) I could not see evidence that they explored the deeper emotional issues of their clients. I don’t believe that they look into the reasons why their clients have such clutter in the first place, and what personal issues are attached to the items that need to be organised or cleared out, and then address those issues.

I have seen some bold directions on what to do to part with sentimental items, but saw no evidence that they help the person to deal with their sentiment.

I could conclude that this is the point of difference of the Clear the CRAP process. It’s much more than simply getting rid of clutter and finding a system to organise your files and pack things away neatly.
I then considered attacking it from a counselling approach. I have a degree in psychology and I’m currently participating in the Golden Wings Advanced Healing  course of study. If I was to compliment this with an additional formal qualification in some kind of natural therapy, would that be the kudos I need to formally assist others to clear their crap and discover their truth?

So I’m now going to try to take a break from all of this future planning
and online researching and get back to the main objective here...

clearing my crap.

I still have a lot of crap to clear,
so I’ll try to just take it day by day,
and trust that I am on the right path and all will be well!

I arrived home after taking the children to school this morning to see that another of my bromeliads was flowering. I’m no professional photographer, but I felt compelled to capture all the beautiful blooms in the garden at the moment. My blog would have to wait and I embarked on a photographic escapade and it was so wonderful.

I found that I got lost in the beauty of nature. It’s Autumn here in Australia, but anyone would think it was spring with the multitude of flowers in my garden. I snapped at least 20 different flowers - so beautiful, and have shared the best ones here.

That time in the garden this morning was truly
living in the moment.
Nothing else mattered.
It was just me and my energy
connecting with the energy of the plants.

Truly magnificent.


 Day 22-28 observations:
  • I just need to take a little more time to work on myself and clear my crap. There’s more external and internal work that needs to be done before I am ready to move on to the next phase. When I am ready, the correct path will present itself before me



  1. Wonderful photos. Are they really all from your garden?
    There are many things blossoming around you, and within you. We all need to take time to smell the roses.

  2. Absolutely, I took these pics this morning, and I had such fun doing it - would be nice to have a better camera though. There were actually more, these are the best ones.

    I'm considering printing a couple onto greeting cards... can feel a new cottage industry project coming on. What do you think?

  3. I love your blog..Refreshingly honest and heartfelt..Thank you..You rock <3


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