Day 9 - Gaining awareness of thought projections

Crap cleared: homosexuality and minority group prejudice

Today I examined the topics of homosexuality, racial prejudice, 11:11, my ex-husband, procrastination and the image I present to the world. It was a HUGE day. I have been on a tremendous emotional journey and while I feel a great amount of healing and self-actualisation has taken place, I now lack the energy and literary capacity to document the details tonight.

I confronted my past and social conditioning that led to prior held notions relating to sexuality and race. At some stage I might interpret and rewrite the hand written notes I made throughout the day, but for now, all I can say is that I sorted out some pretty heavy crap held in my mind.

At one stage this afternoon I found myself getting really angry. It overwhelmed me and also made me feel tired and sick. I really could not function well after that. It wasn’t until later that I realised the anger, anxiety and lack of energy that suddenly overcame me, happened just after contact with my ex-husband. This is not the first time it has happened.

I think that the more I clear myself within, the more I tend to take on the energy of others around me. This evening I realised why proximity to my ex is so damaging to me. I believe I energetically internalise his thought projections. This would have been happening to me, the whole time we were together. As I gain a greater understanding of the energetic world, I can start to see how his vibration effects me.

Time for a little chakra cleansing, re-energising and a deep sleep. Goodnight xxx

Day 9 observations:
  • I am now equipped to go within, search my energy centres and discover blockages, identify any issues, address them and return to a state of love. (WHEW!!!)
  • In future I will protect myself from my ex-husbands thought projections and cleanse my energy centres post contact with him.


  1. Hi Jo,
    There's a new Meet Up group for empaths online. First meeting is next month at Southbank... Maybe I'll see you there :)

  2. Can you please send me the link.

  3. Hi Jo, if you get the link can you let me know too :) Michelle

  4. Will do Michelle. I researched what it means to be an Empath today and resonated with some (not all) of the criteria. The site I found said that you have to be careful when getting together with other Empaths if you are not skilled/experienced with it, so I'll have to consider this some more. I'll keep you in the loop.

  5. This is a new group, created by Paul Chapman from the Gold Coast. Would be great to see you guys join us, Jacleen x

  6. In in melbourne, so dont think I will be able to make it, But thanks for letting me know.
    Jo I completely understand what your saying if we take on peoples feelings, then being in a room full of others that can feel that too, what a mess :)
    But it would be great to talk to others that constantly feel other peoples emotions and have tactics of lessoning the effect.


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