Day 17 - I have no words today

Crap cleared: A pile of crap from the garage

After a couple of attempts to sit and write today, it just didn't feel right for me. I had a fantastic day, and even wrote a page of text about my interaction with others, but I'm just lacking a bit of the.... zing that I've had these last couple of weeks that enabled me to share the details.

I really don't think that my enthusiasm for this challenge is waning - I'm still loving it. I'm just going to be honest and say that it is difficult to try and write every day. I'm only writing for myself... but I still want it to be an interesting read. I seriously thought about just skipping a day - I never said that the 100 days had to be consecutive! But I did clear some crap, so at least I can post a picture of it.


Crap removed when I tidied up part of the garage.

I've really got to get my mojo back..... more sleep will definitely help.


  1. Hey Jo....having started this process back in December I have found that it can be incredibly you clear from your external you're clearing from your internal (as you know and have posted) and so that causes a lot to shift. For me I'd have a solid few days and fill wheelie bins, then my energy would wain and next thing I knew I was exhausted and unable to do anything.

    I've come to realise sometimes you have to just sit and be with your newer, clearer self and settle into it. Clearing the crap doesn't have to be may be that you need a few days off the physical to sit and clear the internal. It's still clearing the crap and still in your 100 day timeframe.

    Remember to be kind to yourself and nurture yourself as part of the process. When you honour yourself in that way, your mojo will find it's way back.

    Much love

    Vicki xx

    PS...sorry about the Anonymous....couldn't work that bit out :-)

  2. I agree Vicki, and really feel that 7 days a week; week in, week out; doing this much processing, is intense and I feel that I do need a break away at times to allow it all to settle.
    (And I had a consult with Mike yesterday).

    Thanks so much for your words of encouragement :)

    (NB. if you select "name/URL" in the "Comment as:" section (if you don't have any of the other profiles) and enter your name, it will come up as "Vicki said..." instead of Anonymous. You can ignore the URL bit.)

    I really appreciate you taking the time to comment.


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