Day 15 - Do more of what you love.

Crap cleared: weeds, backyard junk & plants to share

Aaaaahh - now THIS is what I love -
sitting in my favourite spot in the backyard,
enjoying a cold refreshing beer
after some hard work in the garden,
listening to the birds and
looking up at the still gums,
as the sun goes down.
This is bliss.
I was reminded today that gardening is one of my favourite things, so I felt compelled to go outside and work in the yard.

I marvel at the wonder of nature and love nurturing plants in my vegetable garden. I enjoy the feeling of satisfaction that comes after some hard yard work, when I look back on my achievement and how beautiful it looks.

Today I gathered up some bits and pieces that were lying around the yard in various places that did not need to be there. Here’s the pile of garden crap I threw away:

I also cleared away a heap of crappy weeds from the front and garden beds, which were thoroughly enjoyed by my chookies:

I cleared some good garden crap as well. These plants will be going to my friend Amanda on Friday. The January 2011 Brisbane flood waters inundated her home to a level just below the ceiling and she lost a lot. Now that the interior of her home has been fixed and her family has moved back in, she has asked for some greenery to restore her destroyed garden. I’m looking forward to delivering this lot of green and catching up with her.

I feel so at peace right now.
My special spot in the garden
is where I feel truly connected.
Peace and love to all.
Day 15 observations:
  • Do more of what you love.

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