Day 16 - On the road to developing a formal process to Clear the CRAP

Crap cleared: Crap that’s now inside my vacuum cleaner!

It’s 11pm and I’ve only just seriously started my daily scribble on the 100 day challenge.

I’m tired, it’s late, and I’ve had a couple of drinks with friends who came over for dinner.

I have had a fantastic day. I’ve been really busy and productive. The only physical crap that I cleared would have been the vacuuming job that I did today.

There is a lot of emotional clearing that goes on when you are on a mission to Clear the CRAP, and now, after more than two weeks of this, I’m wondering whether a daily Clearing of Crap is too much. Perhaps, when the process is formalised and promoted to others as a self healing tool, I'll ease up on the duration!

As a way to engage with fans and encourage participation I asked a simple question. When replies came in, I devised an exercise to try to get respondants to clear one item of their crap. I really hope it works and they complete the exercise. I consider it a testing ground for solidifying the Clear the CRAP process.

Here’s a pic of my lovely clean, crap-cleared carpet.

Hey, do you like my leaves with birds wall art? It’s from i believe in this, my home decor, wall art and gifts store.

All I can conclude with today is: 

Eckhart Tolle!! I get it!
To attempt to use words to describe how you sing to my heart would be the a sin.

Can hardly keep my eyes open.....
Good night

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